VXi Blue Parrott B250-XT: What A Good Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

VXi BlueParrott B250-XT

VXi Blue Parrott organization will offer a number of headsets to provide the users looking for the most basic headsets with innovative features. The VXi blue parrot wireless headsets will be creating the quite fashionable lately. The VXi Blue Parrot Xpress way was created for use in high noise conditions, especially for drivers. If you want to see other suggestions, check out Best trucker Bluetooth headsets by Trucker Talk.

VXi Wireless Headset Review

The VXi headset will provide you up to 16 hours of talk time. VXi blue parrot B250-XT will provide all the same efficient function with an ultra stable over the head style. VXi will be the best headset alternatives you will be assisting customers that will connect clearly and normally. This headset will around the world for providing value, quality and get in touch with facilities. The wireless Bluetooth headsets will be designed for high noise conditions and wireless noise cancelling headsets. This will reduce the most extreme level of noise.

With this innovative noise cancelling and extreme disturbance will be suppression technological innovation and it will reduce even the most extreme level of noise. The B250 XT headset will operate from the battery power from the AC or DC adapter. When the headset will be operating from the battery. If the headset will be on the charger then press and hold the MFB long enough to power the unit on.

The headset will be reconnecting automatically unless your phone will set to always ask for connection requests. This device will accept the interference received that will cause undesired operation. When the headset will be powered on then it will automatically attempt to connect to the last device when it is paired. This will be highly recommended for drivers. This VXi wireless Bluetooth headset will pair up with two devices simultaneously. It will have clear sound, comfortable fit, and long battery life.

User Reviews

Sharron Thompson – I ordered this as a replacement for an old one my husband had had for years. Works great! He is very pleased with it. He is a semi truck driver and it cancels out most of the noise. He tried a different one before this one and couldn’t hear anything. Great for truckers!

Bill Hurley – This is the best headset I’ve used, even if it uses a full headpiece. It works better with no ear fatigue, good close range dynamic mic, great while driving, i.e., noise canceling works great. I do wish they would come up with a better on/off switch and the earpiece pops off too easily. I also wish they lasted longer. I’ve needed to buy a new set every year or two. I use mine a lot, but they should be good for longer than that.

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