Home Safety Tips for Single Moms


Being a single mom means being responsible for how the house runs, and that includes making it as safe as possible for the family. Here are some basic ideas that are simple to do but can make a difference in offering home protection.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Have a list of emergency phone numbers printed out by each phone in the house. If the phones are portable or everyone has cell phones, another idea is to have the list somewhere easy to access like having it taped to the front of the phone book and/or putting it up on the fridge.

Talk to Kids About 911

Show children where the list of emergency contacts is and also talk about when to dial 911. It’s also a good idea to role play situations with younger kids. Mom can play the part of the 911 operator and the child can explain the scenario. If kids are too young to read, work with them to memorize the house address so they can give it to the 911 operator.

Keep a Phone by the Bed

Have a phone set by the bedside in case of an emergency. If there is no phone jack, then have a portable phone or cell phone in the bedroom.

Make Bedroom a Safety Zone

A single mom can also have a lock put on her bedroom door. Besides providing some needed privacy, having a lock on the door can help in case of an emergency. If someone breaks into the house, it can be the place to retreat for everyone in the family.

Thinking About Getting a Dog

If the family is thinking about getting a pet and has thought about the long-term commitment of it, getting a dog can also work with helping with home security. There are many varieties of dogs out there, with some being bred and trained to be guard dogs. Looking for a dog that barks at strangers, be the dog big or small, can be enough to keep away burglars. If you don’t like having a dog for some reasons, you should have a home alarm. One of the most effective alarm systems is usually forgotten driveway alarm systems. If you want one, check out WTBest for suggestions and reviews.

Break and Enter at Home

If a family member comes home to find a busted down door or any other sign of illegal entry to the house, he or she should not go in. Tell kids that in such a case they should go to a friend’s or trusted neighbor’s house and to call the police.

Keep Shrubbery in Check

Make sure that the entrance to the home is easy to see from the street and not hidden by bushes and shrubbery. This makes it less attractive for burglars. Another option is to have very thorny plants around the windows of the home.

Upper Floor Safety

Many people think that they can keep upper floor windows open, but that can also be an open invitation for a burglar. Especially if there is a tree near the window, a ladder in the garage or any other way to climb up to the second or third floor – some enterprising thieves will make the effort.

Back Door Locked

Sometimes people leave the back door open, thinking that no one will notice. But it just takes one wrong person to notice this habit to compromise the family’s safety. Keep it locked.

Be it talking to kids about how to make a 911 call to making sure to keep windows and doors locked, these are simple but helpful tips to help keep a single mom and her family feeling safer at home.