The 5 Yoga Health Benefits in Daily Life

Yoga brings you inner peace and helps make your body flexible. But there is more to this exercise than is commonly known. It will not only lower your stress level but also assist you in various aspects of your everyday life.

Following are five lesser known reasons why yoga is beneficial for you:

1. Strengthen your immune system

According to a Norwegian study, practicing yoga can alter your gene expression and result in an improvement in your immune system at a cellular level. Moreover, it boosts your overall health, which further contributes to the boost in immunity. It also helps in blood circulation and therefore, better functioning of organs. It is mainly achieved by the Sun Salutation pose. Because it improves your immune system, so yoga can help people with allergies.


2. Relief from migraines

According to research, people with migraines can find relief from the raging headaches after three months of regular workout sessions. There is no known cause of these severe headaches. Loosely attributed sources are physical misalignment and mental stressors. This is why yoga is found to be a good solution.

In most cases, the comfort has been attributed to the Bridge pose which requires you to lie flat on your back with bent knees and apply pressure on your legs, resulting in your hips being lifted upwards. As the body relaxes, it lessens the pain.

3. Improvement in sexual performance

As stated by a few studies, yoga helps boost sex drive and performance in both men and women. Twelve weeks of practice can result in an impressive confidence increment in bed. This, in turn, helps achieve better orgasms and more satisfaction.

The Bound Angle pose is mainly known to offer such benefits. It improves blood flow to the genitals, which is vital for proper erections and arousal. Moreover, it makes the pelvic muscles stronger.

4. Healthier sleep cycle

Performing yoga on a consistent basis can help you acquire a healthier sleep cycle, which will help you function better in all aspects of life, from your work to your social life. It has been researched thoroughly at Harvard and improvements in the quality of sleep have been noticed in individuals with insomnia.

Another study showed cancer survivors feeling more at ease after yoga sessions held twice a week. It lessened their fatigue and helped them sleep better.

The Corpse pose is found to be the cure to a broken sleep pattern. It is quite simple. You just have to lie on your back with your legs spread apart and arms on the side. Place your hands on your belly and breath.

5. Tone down your appetite

The University of Washington is known to have conducted research on the benefits of yoga when it comes to managing your appetite. According to its report, the exercise helps strengthen the connection between the body and mind. This makes the individual more conscious of physical and emotional sensations when it comes to eating. Therefore, when cravings occur, the person is better equipped to control them properly.

Meditation, in particular, is helpful. The tranquility offered contributes towards a better understanding of oneself. In turn, you learn how to make better choices, especially regarding eating habits.

Other Benefits